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How One Podcast App is Using GPT-3 To Improve Your Podcast Listening Experience

Open AI's GPT-3 has been in the news a lot recently for a number of reasons. Developers have used this new API to do things from writing blog posts that make it to the top of Hacker News, to creating...

Joe Rogan Is Abandoning the Open Internet

Earlier today Joe Rogan made an announcement that shocked the Podcasting world and a cottage industry that has been built...

Resources For Podcasters

How Can I Make My Podcast a HyperCast? HyperCasts are just our term for an Enhanced Podcast. You can include...

HyperCatcher Terms and Conditions

This site and the mobile applications and services available in connection with this site and mobile application (the “App”) are...

Unlock Premium Content

We have annotated this episode (and many more) with notes, links, images and videos that are discussed during this podcast...

How To Enhance Your Podcast With Chapters

You know that giant blob of text where you pile all the things you talked about during your show? What...

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