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How Can I Make My Podcast a HyperCast?

HyperCasts are just our term for an Enhanced Podcast. You can include all kinds of awesome content in your podcast including: pictures, links, webpages, etc. HyperCatcher lets you bring your podcast to life with this content in a way no other podcast app can. We wrote a blog about it with some examples from podcasters who are doing it already and how you can too! Check it out here!

How Can I Help My Listeners Subscribe To My Podcast In HyperCatcher?

Use the Listen on HyperCatcher button to promote your podcast and encourage listeners to subscribe.

To link the button to your podcast on HyperCatcher, just use your RSS feed URL to create a “deep link” to the HyperCatcher player.

Here’s how you would create a link to the Joe Rogan Experience Podcast:

The JRE Podcast RSS URL is:

Just add this onto our deep link URL hypercatcher://subscribe?url=

Finally you get: hypercatcher://subscribe?url=

We’ve also created a helpful asset library for you to use if you’d like to link to your podcast to our app. You can find the download link below.

Let us know if you have any problems, we’re happy to help your listeners find you on HyperCatcher!

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