The Best Podcast App For Gas Digital Podcasts

Blop Blop! I got tired of Gas Digital not having a podcast app so I built support for Gas Digital podcasts into my podcast app.Just scroll down to the Podcast Network section and you’ll find Gas Digital there. Just log in with your existing Gas Digital credentials to get access to all the Gas Digital Premium podcasts.

Once you log in to Gas Digital in the app you won’t have to log in again as long as your Gas Digital membership stays active. Now instead of being forced to use the crappy website you can use this free iOS app!

Also, HyperCatcher has some unique features no other podcast does:

Application MP3 Chapter Support Intra-Chapter Image Support AI Generated Chapter Support Show Note Insights
HyperCatcher Yes Yes Yes Yes
Overcast Yes Yes No No
Apple Podcasts Yes No No No
Pocket Casts Yes Partial No No
Downcast Yes No No No
Castro Only Paid When Paid Only Paid When Paid No No
Castbox No No No No

Thanks for reading doggies, if you’d like to listen to Gas Digital podcasts with HyperCatcher you can check it out on the AppStore by tapping the button below.


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