The Best Podcast App For This Week in Startups (TWiST Podcast)

I‘ve been a huge fan of This Week in Startups for years. While listening to the podcast I‘ve always wished there were ways to follow up on the amazing founders and products featured on the podcast easily. Because the This Week in Startups podcast only airs once a week, it‘s easy to forget about exciting startups that were mentioned on the show

One of things I’ve noticed while listening to the podcast is that there is often too much information to contain it to just a podcast. There’s all kinds of great, actionable content that is given out to users all throughout the podcast, but most of the time I’m listening I’m driving or not able to stop and make a note to follow up later.

And that’s just the start, if I do want to follow up on something great I learned during the podcast I need to rewind back to that spot and try and find the information, or sort through the massive amount of show notes that accompany the podcast.

I’ve always wished there was a way to dive in deeper to some of the topics and to follow up on some of the subjects later.

That’s why I created the HyperCatcher podcast app! HyperCatcher automatically builds a list of everything you’ve listened to and what was being discussed at that time.

The producers of TWiST have done a lot of work to include chapter summaries so you can quickly jump to different parts of the podcast and even skip commercials! Most podcast apps don’t surface this information at all, but with HyperCatcher this hidden information is put front and center.

HyperCatcher’s newest trick is parsing out insights from Podcast show notes too. This is an area under active development with some very exciting things planned for the future, but currently HyperCatcher will surface all website links, twitter and instagram profiles included in the podcast shown notes so you can easily find them.

HyperCatcher is in a league of its own when compared to any other podcast app today.

Application MP3 Chapter Support Intra-Chapter Image Support AI Generated Chapter Support Show Note Insights
HyperCatcher Yes Yes Yes Yes
Overcast Yes Yes No No
Apple Podcasts Yes No No No
Pocket Casts Yes Partial No No
Downcast Yes No No No
Castro Only Paid When Paid Only Paid When Paid No No
Castbox No No No No

Thanks for reading, if you’d like to listen to the This Week in Startups Podcast with HyperCatcher you can check it out on the AppStore by tapping the button below.


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