Introducing HyperCatcher 2.0 — Podcasts and Newsletters Together At Last!

HyperCatcher – Now with 100% More Newsletters!

HyperCatcher 2.0 comes with some amazing new features that I’m excited to introduce!

Download HyperCatcher Today!

HyperCatcher is available for Free on the Apple AppStore


HyperCatcher now creates a new email address just for your newsletter subscriptions. All you need to do is sign in to your HyperCatcher account in the app and go to newsletters and a new email will be created for you and associated with your account immediately!

Even better, you can subscribe to new newsletters directly in the app and we have a some great newsletters for your to check out already. Just click the “+” button and you’ll see a list of categories and newsletters you can subscribe to immediately.

There are currently 3 categories of pre-curated newsletters available in the app for subscription: Business, Crypto and Tech. You’ll find some great newsletters in each category and I’ll be adding new categories and lots more newsletters soon!

But don’t let our list of newsletters limit your newsletter appetite, just copy your email by tapping the “copy email” button and go subscribe to email newsletters anywhere to get fresh emails directly in your HyperCatcher newsletter inbox!

Why Newsletters?

Many podcasters also have a newsletter… many people who love listening to podcasts also love to read. Why not put podcasts and newsletters in one place?

HyperCatcher is the ideal place to get up to speed with all of your favorite podcasters and writers and it’s absolutely free! If you haven’t already then please check out the app on the Apple Appstore today and let me know what you think!

Download HyperCatcher Today!

HyperCatcher is available for Free on the Apple AppStore

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