How To Create Podcast Chapters As A Listener

Podcast Chapters are a great way to get more out of your podcast listening experience. If you’ve ever been listening to a podcast and wished you could *see* what the podcast host was seeing then podcast chapters might be what you need!

The No Agenda show uses podcast chapters to show articles and websites discussed on the show directly in your podcast app.

But there’s no reason to leave podcast chapter creation to podcast hosts. With the HyperCatcher podcast app you can suggest the insertion of a podcast chapter anywhere in the episode.

Once your suggested podcast chapter has been submitted it will be available to the podcast host for approval at so feel free to let the podcast host know you’re using HyperCatcher and that they might want to take advantages of some of the features HyperCatcher enables.

Once your podcast chapter is approved, the information you provided will be available for all listeners on HyperCatcher and other compatible podcast apps that use the Podcast Namespace spearheaded by the Podcast Index organization.

You can download HyperCatcher from the AppStore here:

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